Book Donations

The Library will gladly accept items that are in good usable condition.  The Library reserves the right to refuse items that are too out-of-date or in poor condition.   If the Library does not need an item for its collection, the Friends group will be given the item(s) for their annual book sales.

Make a Gift

Are you looking for something different to give someone on a special occasion? Why not donate a book to the Fairmount Public Library in honor of that person? We will buy the book of your choice or pick one out and put a decorative book plate in it commemorating the person or event. Donations can be made for general or specific purposes. If there is a specific purpose you had in mind, please stop by and discuss it with the Library Director so that your wishes may be taken care of.

The Library has also teamed with Junior Library Guild Books for patrons to donate online.  With this link, patrons can charge their donation to the Library’s account.  This will stretch our children’s books purchasing power. If you are not comfortable with online donations, the old fashion method of cash, check or money orders work perfectly for a direct donation made to the Library.

Monetary Donations

The Library is always appreciative of patrons who wish to donate money.  The patron may make an open-ended donation where the Librarian chooses the need or the patron may designate where they would like the funds to be spent.

Ways to donate:

  • Donation for collection materials or technical services
  • Donation for building maintenance.
  • Donation for general building needs, not related to maintenance (furniture, computers, office supplies, etc.)
  • Donation to the Library through a person’s will.

*The Library takes cash, checks or money orders.  We do not take debit or credit cards.

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