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 Library Cards

Getting a library card

A person must be at least six years old to receive a library card.  A parent/guardian must accompany a juvenile or teen patron, show a valid ID, and sign the membership card. Adults must show a valid ID and fill out a membership card to receive a Library card.

Each patron will be assigned a Library card number that will serve as their patron User ID.  This will allow the patron to access their Library account from our website:

The password for their Library account will be the patron’s last name, all in small letters.

Resident Information

The Fairmount Public Library District is composed  of the Town of Fairmount; Town of Fowlerton; and Fairmount Township. These areas support the library funds by being assessed a library fee through their property tax bills.

Contractual services are offered to residents in Liberty Township, as of 2008. Residents living in Green Township (Grant County) are considered Non-Residents.

Citizens living in Elwood, Summittville (both in Madison County), Swayzee, and Upland may also be granted Fairmount Public Library cards upon showing a valid ID and their current home library card.  This is made possible through a Reciprocal Borrowing agreement with the Grant  and Madison Country libraries.

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