Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

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August, 2016:  Fairmount Public Library has joined SRCS (Statewide Remote Circulation System).

 This system combines access to the library collections of public; special; academic and the State Library, making more materials accessible to our patrons.  This process may be initiated by the Library Director or the patron may be instructed through the process by the Library Director.

If  the Library does not have a title in its collection, a book may be borrowed from another library within the state or possibly from an out-of-state library.  In-state borrowings are free.  If the patron accepts an out-of-state borrow, there will be a return mailing fee and/or other fee incurred.

Some things you should know about ILL:

  • Patrons must have a valid library card and in good standing.
  • Patrons must have an author name or title to submit a request.
  • Materials must be at least 1 year old before the material  may be available for loaning out.
  • Patrons must ensure that the Library has their most current contact information:  phone number and/or address.
  • Materials may not be renewed, but instead another order submitted for processing.
  • This service is free if the materials are located from another library in the state.  If materials are from out-of state, a return postage or a loan fee may be charged before the material is given out.
  • Inter-Library Loan materials are checked out for a 2 week period and will be assessed overdue fines as per Fairmount Public Library policy.
  • Damaged or lost loaned materials will be subject to a fee as assessed by the library that loaned the material out to the Fairmount Public Library.
  • Patrons who bring back loaned materials late twice, will be assessed a holding fee of $5.00 before any more materials are ordered and loaned out.
  • Patrons who have damaged or lost materials will have their Inter-Library Loan privileges suspended indefinitely.
  • Any outstanding fees from an Inter-Library Loan will suspend the patron’s use of Fairmount Public Library materials until the outstanding fees are paid in full.
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